4 Amazing Ways Life is Better in a Hot Tub

It sounds dramatic – but it’s true! Owning one of the world’s most popular hot tubs can seriously improve the quality of your life.  Whether you want to spend more time with friends and family, improve your sleep, have a party, or simply de-stress, life is way better in a Sundance® Spas hot tub.

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Quality Time with Family and Friends

When your friends and family come over for a visit, instead of heading for the dining area or living room, why not entertain them with a relaxing soak in your hot tub? Unplug from the daily grind, catch up on each other’s lives, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

What’s more, the time spent away from technology and mobile devices can give you some quality time with your kids without distractions. There are also plenty of hot tub additions such as sound systems, lighting, and waterproof games available, helping you take your hot tub entertainment to the next level.

Relieves Stress

It’s easy to become stressed, especially in today’s hyper-hectic world. According to the Mayo Clinic[i], stress can wreak havoc on your body and mood, causing anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, angry outbursts, chest pains, headaches, and a whole host of serious health problems, if left unchecked.

Immersing yourself in warm water[ii] at 102° F has been proven to put your body into a deeply relaxed state. When you add factors such as the weightlessness of your body in the hot tub combined with the therapeutic massage from the water jets, scientists say it can create the perfect bliss, releasing dopamine and keeping stress hormones at bay.

Learn more about how soaking in a hot tub can help to ease the stress!

Improves Sleep

Did you know that soaking in a hot tub can help to regulate your sleep schedule? Hot tubs work by raising your internal body temperature, and when you step out, the cooling effect works to relax you. Therefore, if you soak in a hot tub for 20 minutes about two hours before bedtime, you will be able to fall asleep quicker and easier. Try adding a relaxing hot tub soak to your bedtime routine and see how your sleep improves!

Hydrotherapy Healing

Soaking in a spa is an excellent way to soothe arthritic pain and increase the overall circulation in your body. First, the buoyancy of the water lifts added pressure from your muscles and joints, allowing your body and mind to truly relax. Then, the heat works to relax your muscles, while the water jets massage the tensest and stress-prone areas in your body. Combined with the ability to control the pressure of the jets, you can target specific points in your body to alleviate muscle pain, where it hurts. This kind of healing, also known as hydrotherapy, is the number one reason why you need a hot tub in your life!

So, there you have it!  Hot tubs play a significant role in rest, relaxation, and improving the quality of your life! If you’re in the market for a Sundance® Spas Hot Tub or want to discover the best price of a hot tub in Kitchener and Waterloo, please contact us today!

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