Hot Tub Parts 101 – Everything You Need to Know!

Hot tubs have transformed how people recover and combat life’s daily stressors.

Many are skipping the long wait for massage appointments and forgoing crashing on the couch after a long day at work and instead choose to step into their spas for soothing relief.

Hot tubs have exploded in popularity over the last few decades as technology has advanced and hot tub parts have become high-tech therapeutic assets.

With a potential lifespan of 20 years (with a premium model and proper care), a hot tub can provide unparalleled relaxation and hydrotherapy for many years.

However, as with anything with such an extended lifespan, there are bound to be times when parts wear out and must be replaced. There’s simply no escaping it.

Luckily, there are only a handful of parts you’ll need to consider replacing semi-regularly, and we will break them down for you below.

In addition, you’ll also discover all the main components that make up an exceptional soaking experience and some easy tips and tricks to maximize the health of your hot tub parts long-term!

Let’s jump in!

hot tub parts - control panel

The Main Components of a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are made of the perfect mix of moving components that support both the basic functioning of your spa and your comfort while in the water.

This includes aspects that perfectly heat the water, allow you to control the jets for a customizable massage, and even the thoughtfully designed seats to hug your body, relieving pressure on your joints.

So, what exactly makes a hot tub a hot tub?


Your experience all starts with the shell. Most modern shells are acrylic, providing a durable interior that can easily withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Another common material for hot tub shells is rotomolded plastic, offering a lightweight design without compromising durability.

These shells often come in various colours and patterns, allowing you to seamlessly customize your model to complement your backyard aesthetic.

It’s not only what the shell is made of that’s worth noting here. It’s also how it’s been designed!

Every hot tub offers a unique experience, boasting upright seats, loungers, benches, or deep moulded seats for maximum comfort!


Next up; jets!

This is likely one of the first aspects that comes to mind when you think about hot tubs.

Those stunning inlaid jets send the water bubbling throughout the tub.

Your jets are responsible for providing the soothing pressure you’ve come to expect of hot tubs and are a crucial element in your circulation system.

Not only do they ensure water can flow throughout your tub, but they also help ensure your treatment products are thoroughly mixed in.

Filtration System

Your filtration system is the guardian of your water, filtering out debris and bacteria to ensure the water in your hot tub is clean and clear!

Filtration systems come in many styles, with some outfitted with a singular filter, while others have multistage designs to provide more thorough filtration.

Circulation System

Another crucial element of your hot tub is its circulation system.

Without this, your water wouldn’t be cold but stagnant, leading to many problems!

Your circulation system is made up of various hot tub parts, intricately aligned to allow hot tub water to flow throughout your spa using the power of the circulation pump.

This pump moves the water from the tub, through the heater and filtration system, before pushing it back out through the jets into the basin once again.


Hot tubs are renowned for their soothing warm depths; you can thank your heater for that!

As water moves through your spa, it surrounds the heating element to quickly be warmed to your desired temperature before being pushed back into the basin.

Without your heater, your hot tub would be…well, a tub!

Control Panel

While your mind may automatically go to setting the temperature or adjusting the jets, your control panel does far more than just let you control your spa.

It’s the main way your hot tub will communicate with you!

Through a series of codes, your hot tub can quickly notify you of any unexpected changes, such as a sudden increase in temperature, a reduction in your water flow, or if it’s time to replace your CLEARRAY®️ Bulb.

Cabinet and Insulation

While your cabinet provides a stunning exterior to elevate your backyard, the insulation beneath maximizes efficiency and heat retention.

One of the most favoured insulations is full-foam insulation, which wraps around the underside of your hot tub’s shell to reduce heat loss.

The better your insulation is, the more energy efficient your hot tub will be since you’ll maintain the temperature of your water and reduce the load on your system, saving on energy bills!


Last on our list is the cover. This is another aspect crucial to your energy efficiency, ensuring the heat from your water isn’t drifting into the air day and night.

Instead, when snuggly fit around the top of your shell, your cover will lock in heat, while keeping your water clean, blocking it from the elements.

Furthermore, it maximizes the effectiveness of your treatment products by reducing the rate at which the sun would break them down!

hot tub parts - sundance spas filter

6 Crucial Hot Tub Parts You May Need to Replace

Not every element of your hot tub will need to be replaced over the years. Your shell, for example, will last you for the entirety of your hot tub’s lifespan.

Other elements, however, will require some replacements at more regular intervals to maintain the efficiency of your hot tub and continue providing you with a reliable, premium soaking experience

1. Filters

As your filters strip debris out of the water, they become increasingly dirty. This can lead to clogged filters that result in a host of issues with both your system functioning and your water quality.

Filters need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they continue working effectively, but even with a thorough cleaning routine, they’ll need to be replaced annually.

2. CLEARRAY®️ Bulb

While not every hot tub is outfitted with UV-C technology, Sundance®️ Spas models boast robust CLEARRAY®️ Active Oxygen™️ systems to support the cleanliness of your water.

This system works by combining the power of oxygen and UV-C light to combat bacteria and make maintenance effortless!

To ensure your system is effectively working, you’ll need to change the CLEARRAY®️ bulb once every year.

3. Water Pump

Water pumps generally have a life expectancy of seven to ten years, so you should only need to replace them, at most, twice during the lifespan of your spa.

How you care for your water can significantly affect how long it lasts, so make sure you’re keeping up with your water care routine.

4. Heater

Because your heater is in direct contact with your hot tub’s water 24/7, it often wears down faster than other components.

Generally, hot tub heaters last around five years, but when regularly exposed to improperly balanced water, they are susceptible to corrosion or scale buildup, diminishing that lifespan further.

5. Jets

Replacing your hot tub jets won’t be a common occurrence, but should they begin leaking or develop any heavy scale buildup, you may need to have them replaced.

Should this need to be done, we recommend having a professional service technician perform the replacement for you.

6. Cover

And, of course, cover replacements are indeed a reality for hot tub owners.

Your cover is exposed to chemicals and moisture at all times when atop your spa, which means a slow accumulation of water can occur over the years, leaving it heavy and water-logged.

However, not just the water will wear down your cover. Exposure to the sun and outdoor elements can result in cracking and fading, resulting in the need for a replacement as well.

Traditional covers last anywhere from four to seven years, but if you’ve opted for a more advanced cover, like a high-end automatic cover, you can extend that to nearly match your spa’s.

The Importance of Using Genuine Parts

When sourcing replacement parts, you must maintain the integrity and function of your hot tub with genuine parts.

Each hot tub brand will have its own unique designs, influencing how your system runs.

By constantly replacing your hot tub parts with ones designed for your model, you can ensure your spa runs smoothly and effectively once the new part is installed.

hot tub parts - pH strips

Tips to Prolong The Life of Your Hot Tub Parts

Finally, let’s come up with a plan on how you can maximize the lifespan of your hot tub parts!

Let’s be honest; the fewer replacements you need to perform, the better off you and your hot tub will be!

Here are some easy tips to keep your hot tub parts in prime condition.

Stick to a Maintenance Routine

First and foremost, your maintenance routine is crucial to the overall health of your hot tub parts and your water itself!

You’ll want to follow a well-rounded routine that effectively supports every aspect of your hot tub.

This includes aspects like:

  • Testing and treating your water
  • Flushing the lines
  • Quarterly water changes
  • Deep cleans
  • Filter maintenance
  • Maintaining water levels

Keep Your Water Clean and Balanced

We’ve said it before and say it again: your water’s quality matters!

Poorly balanced water can result in a host of issues that reduce the performance of your system while creating an unsafe soaking environment.

Regularly test your water, and treat it as necessary to keep your chemical levels at the optimum levels at all times.

This will reduce the risk of corrosion or scale and keep your water from going cloudy and odorous.

Don’t Skip Water Changes

Water changes allow you to reset your hot tub with a cleaned basin and fresh water.

Ideally, you should aim to perform a water change once each season, cleaning your shell thoroughly before refilling it once again.

Pro tip: Add some line cleaner to the water before draining your spa and allow your jets to run on low for 15 minutes. This allows the product to clean every aspect of your circulation system before you drain the water.

Watch this short video to master your next water change:

Protect Your Cover

Cover care is another crucial aspect, but it is often forgotten.

Your cover is constantly exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun and the ever-changing elements.

By wiping it down each month and applying a UV protectant to it each season, you can reduce the wear and tear it experiences and extend its lifespan.

Sundance®️ Spas Hot Tub Parts for Sale in Kitchener

If you’re looking for premium, genuine hot tub parts, Sundance Spas Kitchener is your one-stop shop!

Our team can quickly help you find the parts you need, and our expert service technicians are here to support you with any hot tub troubleshooting or repair you require.

Contact us today to explore your options and find premium solutions for every hot tub need.

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