How Far Should the Hot Tub Be from My House?

Not sure how far your hot tub should be from your house? You’re not the only one! We frequently get asked this question from first-time hot tub buyers, and there’s no short answer!

So, in order to help you out, we’ve outlined all the major considerations you’ll need to make about the best placement for your hot tub to ensure your installation is successful. Keep reading to learn more!

Do You Have a Level Foundation?

As you can imagine, an empty hot tub can sit just about anywhere in your backyard, as it only weighs a few hundred pounds. However, once the vessel is filled with water, that hot tub goes from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. That means if the ground it’s sitting on isn’t flat, level, or solid, you could be in trouble.

To support every pound of your hot tub, we recommend placing it on a level, four-inch thick concrete slab. Paving stones, bricks, and gravel are also suitable alternatives. If you’re thinking about installing your hot tub on your deck, first check with a qualified building contractor to ensure its weight can be supported.

Is It Near an Electrical Supply?

It might sound obvious, but hot tubs run on electricity! Therefore, you’ll need to consider your electrical supply when deciding where to place your hot tub. Check that there are no restrictions on where the cable can be run in your backyard, and never install your hot tub under or near any power lines. Another important tip to remember is that the further from the house your hot tub is, the more expensive it will be to run a cable.

Is It Close for Comfort?

How likely will you use your hot tub if it’s positioned far away from your door? It might be completely fine in the summer when the weather is warm and sunny, and you don’t mind a long walk to the back of your yard. But on a cold, wintry night, you’ll be glad that your hot tub is near the back door. Otherwise, you’ll need to shovel a path and keep warm to and from the hot tub.

Can It Be Easily Drained?

You’ll most likely need to drain your hot tub a few times a year, so keeping it close to a drain and a water source will be very important.

Still unsure about how far your hot tub should be from your house? You can always schedule a delivery consultation with your hot tub and spa dealer. That way you can get answers to all your questions, avoid any last-minute complications and get to enjoying your hot tub soak sooner rather than later.

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