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The installation of a swim spa can truly complete your backyard living space. Many swim spa owners are impressed with the versatility that these spa systems can offer, with a convenient approach to relaxation, entertainment, and recreation – all in one compact package. With a reputable brand such as SwimLife, you can look forward to many years of enjoyment and backyard luxury.

$31,495 TAX IN

Sutro is a smart system that will help you manage your pool (or spa). It's the simple, safe, and seamless way to measure, monitor, and get treatment recommendations to keep your water safe.

The Sutro system comes with: 

  • (1) Sutro Monitor (the device that floats in your spa)
  • (1) Water test cartridge (lasts for about a month) – measures pH, free chlorine (and bromine for spas), and alkalinity).
  • (2) Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries (charge lasts about a month)
  • (1) Hub/charger base (goes in your house to extend Sutro’s range)
  • (1) US-110V adapter

Once you receive the device, download the Sutro App for iPhone or Android here.

  • A subscription to a monthly service plan ($49 for basic or $59 for premium) is required when purchasing a Sutro Monitor.
  • Your subscription includes replacement testing cartridges that are shipped to you as needed.


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Equipped with a range of advanced features, you can look forward to relaxation, recreation, and entertainment, all in one stylish package.