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The Summit WS190

Original Price: $10,995
Sale Price: $5,000

Experience Spa-Quality Relaxation from the Comfort of Your Home

The Summit Massage Chair from Wellness Shop builds on innovative features to bring you the most robust massage experience available to the market. It begins with the warmth and comfort of ZenLeather. It then continues with the design of the ultimate leg and foot massage with the cutting-edge Zen360 technique. With the right design and approach, The Summit allows you to enjoy the many benefits of a professional massage from the comfort of your own home, when you need it most.

Features of the The Summit WS190


Decompresses your spine and joints as it stretches your back.


Delivers indirect heat waves to sore muscles and joints.


A meditative compression massage experience.

PalmRelex & ReCirculate

Air pressure massage from the fingertips to the elbow, providing treatment for arthritic pain and carpal tunnel.


Gently kneads your achy calves, similar to a masseuse, providing recovery and relaxation.


Slides forward before reclining, saving you room! You only need 3 inches of clearance behind ZenWave.


Compression massage for waist, thighs, and glutes.


Delivers air compression around your heels, toes and the top of your feet, relieving arthritis and stimulating blood circulation.


Evenly disperses weight throughout your spine and elevates your feet, increasing circulation and reducing strain on your heart.

Bluetooth – Connect your devices via Bluetooth for music and wireless calling.

ShapeDetect – Senses body shape and size for customized massage.

FootReflex – Re-energizing, kneading massage that stimulates the nerve endings.

The Summit WS190 Overview

The Summit WS190 Assembly

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