Signs You Need a New Hot Tub Cover

Is it time to replace your hot tub cover?

Having a hot tub is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Hot tubs can allow you to soak out the aches in your muscles, hang out with friends in an inviting environment, and they are an excellent all-around investment in your happiness and wellbeing. However, just as your hot tub takes good care of you, you also need to take good care of your hot tub.

One of the more essential components of your hot tub is its cover. While you may not give your hot tub’s cover much thought on a day-to-day basis, it’s essential to recognize the signs of serious damage to it. Failure to stay on top of this responsibility can be very harmful to your hot tub in the long run, increasing the risk of costly repairs later on down the road.

1. Your Hot Tub Cover is Visibly Damaged

One of the easiest ways to determine if you need a new hot tub cover is to examine it visually. By carefully looking over your hot tub cover, you can check to see if there are any signs of visible wear and tear. Even if you do not see any major gauges in the cover, if it is faded by the sun, it may not be as reliable any longer. If it has any holes, rips, fading, or flaking, then it may mean that it is due for a replacement.

2. The Various Components are Broken

Your hot tub cover is made up of many different components. These parts can include any buckles, straps, latches, and hinges. These components are essential because they help keep the cover on in inclement weather, to prevent the cover from blowing away in a storm. Even if the surface of your hot tub’s cover seems like it’s not severely damaged, if the components are broken, then you may need to replace the cover.

3. It Has a Foul Odour That Won’t Go Away

Sometimes your hot tub’s cover may look just fine. You may not notice any visible signs of damage, and the components may seem intact. Regardless, you can’t only trust your eyes when it comes to checking to see if your hot tub’s cover is in good shape.

You also need to let your nose help out, too. If your hot tub’s cover has a funky stench – such as a musty, mouldy scent – then it may mean that bacteria and mould are trapped inside it and growing. If your hot tub’s cover stinks, it’s time to replace it.

4. To Put it Simply, It’s Old!

Have you had the same cover since you bought your hot tub? If the cover is over 5 years old, it might be time to consider the purchase of a new one. Even the best of covers will have a shelf life, which is generally around 5 years, maybe a little more if you take pristine care of it with regular maintenance!

If you have a hot tub cover that is on the discount side of things, you may need to replace it a little sooner than usual.

Hot Tub Covers in Kitchener and Waterloo

Did this article make you realize that it may be time to replace your hot tub’s cover? For more tips and helpful advice about how to maintain your spa, please check out our blog for more information!

We can’t stress the importance of maintenance enough when it comes to your spa. For care tips, tricks and information, watch this helpful video about the SmartTub™ System! With the right approach and technology, you can look forward to a functional, safe and efficient spa experience.

Find a New Hot Tub Cover at Sundance Spas of Kitchener-Waterloo

Maintaining your spa installation isn’t just about making sure the water is fresh and the chemicals are balanced; you also need to properly maintain the hot tub cover, too. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of the best hot tubs and best hot tub covers in the region. To learn more about how to take care of your spa, or to see our fine selection of hot tub covers for sale, please check out our showroom here at Sundance Spas Kitchener Waterloo. Our friendly sales team is looking forward to meeting you and assisting you with any of your hot tub needs!

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