Signs Your Hot Tub Requires Professional Service or Repair

Are you considering professional service for your hot tub?

Every hot tub owner should know the signs and symptoms of a hot tub that needs service. By looking out for these signs regularly, hot tub owners can help to increase the longevity of their hot tub, reduce costly repairs, ensure clean and safe water, and create the best hot tub experience possible.

In this article, we will cover some of the most common signs to look for that signal it’s time for service.

1. Murky Water

Without clean and safe water, hot tubs just wouldn’t be as enjoyable. If the water in your spa is looking particularly murky, or even cloudy or foamy, chances are it’s time for professional spa service.

This problem generally occurs when there is an imbalance in the water, a filter is clogged or needs to be cleaned, or there is an issue with the circulation system.

While you can treat this problem with an array of hot tub cleaning supplies at home, it may take some trial and error, which can take time. With a seasoned hot tub professional, they know the right combination of water care products and process to make your hot tub water sparkle and shine once again.

2. Foul Odour

Is your hot tub emitting a strange odour? That is most definitely a tell-tale sign that professional service is required. Similar to foamy or murky water, spa water with a foul odour is generally due to an issue in the circulation system or imbalanced water chemistry.

Save yourself time, money and stress with professional service to troubleshoot this job. Now you can spend less time worrying, and more time enjoying.

3. Leaks

Has your hot tub sprung a leak? While not totally common, leaks do happen from time to time. Leaks can lead to a regular decrease in water levels, meaning that you will have to fill the water more regularly than usual. It can also lead to component damage.

Determining where the leak is coming from can take time and expertise, which is exactly why this job is better left in the hands of a professional service technician.

Draining and Refilling Your Hot Tub

Could your hot tub benefit from a reset? Give your spa the fresh start it deserves with a complete drain and refill! This process is exactly how it seems.

First, the water is drained from the spa. Then, the spa is cleaned from top to bottom. Once clean and sparkling, you can refill with fresh water and treat with watercare products as needed.

It’s simple as that!

With the right experience and approach, you can perform this yourself. If you aren’t quite sure how to drain and refill your hot tub, or you don’t have enough time to maintain clean and safe water, consult a professional service expert for help.

Sundance Spas of Kitchener and Waterloo

If you notice any of the above happening to your hot tub, contact our service department today. One of our experts can visit your home and inspect your spa, to diagnose exactly what the issue is and bring your hot tub back to life.

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