The Best Hot Tub Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the hot tub owner in your life? Our experts at Sundance Spas of Kitchener-Waterloo have you covered. From practical to enjoyable and everything in between, our list of hot tub gift ideas below has what you need for a memorable gift this holiday season.

Aromatherapy Products

Maximize relaxation, improve sleep patterns and reduce stress with spa-friendly aromatherapy products. Available in a wide range of scents and perfect for the chemistry inside most spas, these aromatherapy products can transform any soak from great to excellent. Enjoy scents of lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, floral, and more.

Waterproof Cards

What better way to spend time in the hot tub, than with a card game? With waterproof cards, you can enjoy a variety of card games with family and friends, from Go Fish and Crazy Eights, Rummy, War, and more.

Filter Flosser

Maintenance is an important key to an enjoyable hot tub experience. Make cleaning a breeze for the hot tub owner in your life with the right hot tub supplies, including a filter flosser. Easily attached to most garden hoses, a filter flosser makes cleaning filters easier and really rids the filter of dirt and debris.

Potted Plants

Add life and a pop of colour to any outdoor hot tub installation with a variety of potted plants. One of the most essential hot tub accessories, potted plants can transform a basic spa installation into a tropical backyard paradise. Include colourful flowers or greenery, depending on the preferences of the hot tub owner.

Cozy Blanket & Pillows

The addition of outdoor furniture can perfectly compliment a spa installation. If the hot tub owner in your life has a set of outdoor chairs or couches, why not help them accessorize with an outdoor throw blanket and some matching pillows? These outdoor accessories can provide a touch of colour, style, and comfort to any backyard space.

LED Plastic Cups

Most hot tub owners are well aware that glass inside the spa is a big no-no! Broken glass can disrupt the overall operation of a spa, even risking damage to the vital internal hot tub parts. With LED plastic cups, tumblers, or wine glasses, you can sip on your favourite drink without any potential risk to the safety or operation of the hot tub. And with LED lights, the party can only get better!

Wooden Sign

Wooden signs are all the rage in home and outdoor décor, so why not add one to the hot tub area? Here are some of our favourite quotes for the spa area:

  1. “HOT TUB: Sit, Sip, Soak, Relax.”
  2. “Life is Better in the Hot Tub”
  3. “Welcome to our Hot Tub”
  4. “What Happens in the Hot Tub, Stays in the Hot Tub”
  5. “Soak Your Worries Away!”

Whether you buy a pre-made sign or make it yourself, the hot tub owner in your life is sure to love it!

Gift Card

Are you still unsure of what to get the hot tub lover in your life this holiday season? When in doubt, a gift card to their local hot tub store should do the trick. Speak with the store where they purchased their hot tub and/or continue to shop for hot tub parts, hot tub supplies, and hot tub accessories for a gift card today.

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