Everything You Need to Know About All Season Pools

A dip in the pool at the end of a long, hot summer day would is so refreshing. A soak in hot water with powerful massaging jets over your tight muscles is heavenly.

Oh, if only you could have both!

But you can! An all season pool may be precisely what you need. These contemporary and adaptable spa designs deliver the best elements and advantages of both hot tubs and pools with several additional attributes.

What Are All Season Pools?

An all season pool is an incredibly ingenious combination of a hot tub and a pool compact enough to fit into most homes and backyards. This fantastic product is typically two to three sizes longer than a regular hot tub.

All season pools can go by many names, including: swim spas, all weather pools, fitness pools, fitness spas, and more!

The open-concept tank is perfect for recreational activities and exercise. The far end of the tank houses the effective jet systems to create the currents and is adjustable for hydrotherapeutic massages.

The powerful jets create resistance and a continuous stream to produce a stimulating aquatic exercise environment. In addition, the same jets and heating options can create the perfect relaxation conditions with hydromassage technology.

The user-friendly control panel enables you to create the perfect environment for the moment’s experience. Neck pillows, drink holders, programmable LED lights, and other advanced features add to the fun and functionality of the unit!

All season pools can add beauty to your home and creates a private oasis for you and your family. Elevate your experience with attractive options for surrounds and covers. Add a bit of landscaping and give yourself a top-rated resort-like feel.

Who won’t want a private hideaway like that?

With many different types and sizes to choose from, you will be able to find a SwimLife Swim Spa to match your budget, available space, and home needs.

The Health and Lifestyle Benefits of All Season Pools

Water has many health benefits, yet we tend to overlook it because it is so “common.” In this high-tech society, we forget that an essential thing, such as water, is usually the best remedy.


People have been using hydrotherapy for thousands of years to relieve pain and discomfort.

Water cures can relax and rehabilitate injured muscles, boost immunity, reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase flexibility and mobility. In addition, all season pools, with jets and temperature controls, allow you to receive the maximum benefit of cool or heated water therapies with the same machine.


We have all heard of the benefits of staying active. But sometimes, that is easier said than done, especially if you have issues with balance or mobility. Aquatic exercise puts the pressure off muscles, bones, and joints while offering natural resistance to stabilize balance and improve muscle strength and endurance.

Swimming, of course, is the most apparent exercise you can accomplish in an all season pool. With the continuous current produced by the powerful and adjustable jets, you can swim without having to execute any awkward turns every few yards.

The buoyant environment allows for more exercise than just swimming. With or without the current-creating jets, the natural resistance water increases the number of calories you burn and will help you gain beautiful, long, lean muscle tone all over.

An all season pool with SwimFit Technology creates the ideal aquatic gym. The streamlined tank area and anti-slip ergonomically designed floor allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises safely.

Some of the other incredible exercises you can perform in your all season pool include:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Rowing
  • Wall push-ups
  • Squats
  • Torso twists
  • Reverse crunches
  • Water yoga
  • Performing circuit training and high-intensity interval training routines.

Honestly, the possibilities are limitless. Practically any exercise you can do on land, you can perform even better in the water. Exercising in your all season pool will promote weight loss and maintenance. With the many varied movements performable, you will never get bored with your workout routines.

Aid the healing process of post-injury recovery in your all season pool. The buoyancy and resistance of the water will help with balance and support while you execute the motions vital to regaining flexibility and mobility.

An all season pool offers a safe environment in which to teach your children to swim. A strong foundation in swimming builds confidence, releases energy, and prepares them for a beautiful life enjoying the benefits of the water.

The temperature can be adjusted to accommodate your needs and the season. The built-in heating system and exceptional insulation allow you to use your all season pool all year long.

Refresh and Relax with Daily Routines

Improve your quality of life by adding stimulating and relaxing activities in your all season pool. Enjoy a morning swim to get you energized for the day. Release tension from a long day’s work with an afternoon soak. Unwind for restful sleep with a bedtime dip.

Ease yourself down into one of the comfortable ergonomically designed seats, and adjust the temperature and the pressure of the jets for an invigorating massage. Feel the tension melt from your body as the tranquility of the water rolls over your body.

Add ambiance with multi-colour LED illumination options available above and below the water line. In addition, an array of functional lighting options are available to set the mood for your nighttime dip.

With an all season pool, you won’t have the inconvenience of going to a gym or spa, nor the cost of monthly memberships. With all that time saved, you will have more opportunities for quality family time all year long.

Add the benefits of aromatherapy techniques with the power of scent. Improve mood, trigger a memory, improve health and wellness, and even promote romance and intimacy with specific perfumes or fragrances.

In addition, spa-friendly products utilizing pure essential oils can often be used to achieve additional health benefits. We can guide you to find the best spa fragrance products that are safe for your all season pool.

Additional Features of SwimLife Swim Spas

The powerful water filtration system works hard to maintain water purity and quality. The SwimLife Swim Spas filtering system ensures your spa is free from contaminants and bacteria that could cause health hazards. The jets, filtering system, and waterfall features work together to extract and collect impurities.

The stylish cabinet surrounding the tank has energy-efficient insulation to keep the water temperature just how you like it at any time of the year. Together with the specially designed insulated cover, you can expect to easily keep debris out and minimize evaporation, which keeps your all season pool much cleaner.

Installation Process

The beauty of an all season pool is that it can be installed practically anywhere.

As long as the space is large enough and the flat surface is strong enough for maximum weight and usage, you can be sure that you can place your all season pool where it is convenient for use. Sizes are generally between 12 to 19 feet long and around eight feet wide, with seating for three to nine adults that varies by model.

An all season pool can be installed indoors or outdoors. Most models can be above-ground, partially-inground, or fully-recessed. Complete the look with a patio, deck, or other firm and functional surface.

For the easier filling, locate your spa near a source of water, such as an outdoor faucet and garden hose. A hose extension is available for purchase if such a location is not possible.

As you make plans for where you will place your all season pool, consider entertainment along with functionality. Create the perfect area for entertainment by installing it directly into your deck or patio area. Add outdoor furniture, a surround sound system, lighting, or a fire pit.

Add privacy by placing your all season pool away from the house. Surround your sanctuary with greenery, flowers, optional water features, and soft lighting for relaxation and romance. Add a gazebo or pergola over your all season pool to devise an even more lavish and resort-like feel!

Landscaping can also help make your all season pool safer and more accessible. For example, paved pathways or stepping stones will guide you and your guest safely to and from your all season pool area.

In addition, adequate lighting and keeping the site clean can help to keep everyone safe!

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance on an all season pool is simpler than most think.

Sanitize with chlorine or bromine, keep the pH level balanced, and clean the filter regularly; you can expect only to need to change the water about every six months.

At Sundance Spas of Kitchener-Waterloo, we offer spa service solutions to help you preserve your investment to the highest level with regularly scheduled maintenance. Contact us today for service options.

Live the All Season Pool Lifestyle

An all season pool can offer you the best features of a full-size swimming pool and a hot tub in one functional and stylish unit that can be sized to fit your space. Having the freedom to exercise, swim, and relax anytime you want is priceless.

Visit Sundance Spas of Kitchener-Waterloo to find the best all season pool for your lifestyle today! For more information about SwimLife Swim Spas, watch this helpful video!

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