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The installation of a Sundance® Spa can make a great addition to any lifestyle. Hot tubs can provide a great investment into both your property and overall health. With all of the added benefits that hot tubs provide, it can be very beneficial to ensure that it’s operating with maximum efficiency. Through regular maintenance and servicing from Sundance Spas Kitchener Waterloo, you can rest assured that your spa is functioning effectively. We are able to service hot tubs in Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas, such as Cambridge, St Jacobs, Fergus, and Guelph. Just give us a call or book service online to get started today!

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Creating an account in our Service Community can make requesting and monitoring your service requests quick and easy! By creating an account, you can:

  • Submit a service request online
  • Track the status of your request
  • View, modify, or cancel appointment
  • Communicate directly with our service team

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Do you have a question or concern that our team could assist with? Speak with a member of our hot tub service team today.

• Speak with us by phone, email or text
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• Ease anxiety with our help
• Get to the root of the problem quickly

One-Time Service Packages

Whether you’re heading away on vacation or could use some help tackling a water chemistry issue, our team of experienced hot tub service professionals is here to help you.

• Quarterly hot tub water changes
• Inspections and spa component repair
• Water testing and cleaning
• Filter maintenance and service

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Browse our extensive knowledge base for articles, videos, and tips to troubleshoot and maintain your spa. Our knowledge base includes:

  • Browse a variety of how-to videos
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  • Reference helpful articles
  • Explore our FAQs

Book Your Appointment Online Today!

If something seems to be operating unusually within your spa, our experts can help you to solve the problem. If you try to identify or solve the problem yourself, you risk damaging the spa and even hurting yourself. You can save yourself time and money by simply allowing a professional to diagnose the issue and resolve it.

From irregular temperature regulation, broken jets, and malfunctioning controls, to foamy or cloudy water, our experts are here to help. Simply request our hot tub services in Kitchener and Waterloo to have an experienced hot tub technician visit your home and resolve the problem accordingly.

Our experts will not only keep your hot tub in the best shape possible, but any future repairs or problem areas can be identified quickly and properly. Resolving issues at the beginning can save costs and effort long-term. If certain problems go unnoticed and untreated, this can lead to more problems within your system and a much more costly repair. You can avoid preventable repairs to your Sundance® Spa with regular maintenance.