Five Common Hot Tub Buying Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Buying a hot tub? How exciting! You’ll be bringing family and friends together for relaxation and memories that will last a lifetime. However, before spending thousands of dollars on the wrong hot tub and suffering from buyer’s remorse, please do your homework!

While it seems like there’s a lot for first-timers to learn about hot tubs, like how much they should spend, what features to look for, or even if they need an acrylic shell, with a little knowledge and forethought, you can avoid the five most common hot tub buying mistakes. To save yourself some time, headaches and money, take a look at some of the information in this article.

Choosing the Wrong Location

Location is everything! Before rushing to buy and install your brand-new hot tub, first, check the building codes in your area. Do you need to obtain a permit to install a hot tub on your property? Some municipalities require that you do. So, make sure you know ahead of time.

Next, think carefully about where you’ll be housing the hot tub: inside or outside? If you install your hot tub indoors, ensure that the room is well ventilated. Otherwise, you could end up with a health and safety crisis on your hands, such as mould and/or equipment failure.

Outdoor installation is generally a much simpler process. Just remember to avoid placing near sand, which can damage the mechanical components of the tub or in areas that are prone to flooding. Better yet, hire a Sundance Spas Kitchener Waterloo professional to install it for you!

Take a look at the ideas in our hot tub installation gallery for inspiration.

Choosing the Cheapest Model

Think of the adage “you get what you pay for!”

Although the cheapest price point may be tempting and save you money upfront when selecting a hot tub, it will most likely cost you more in the long run. Low-priced hot tubs cost more money for cleaning chemicals, and repairs and are likely to have critical parts that need to be replaced sooner.

When shopping for a hot tub, don’t focus so much on the upfront cost, but on the lifetime value. Focus on the efficiency of the spa and consider factors such as the insulation, filtration pump, and motor.

Choosing the Wrong Jet Structure

More jets in your hot tub means more massage power, right?

Wrong! It’s the location of the jets that you need to get right because you want the water pressure to massage the right areas of your body. If you have upper back pain and the hot tub you buy doesn’t have a jet structure that helps you with that problem, then what is the use of having the hot tub? Keep in mind that not all jet structures are equal, and select a jet structure that is adaptable and provides a wide range of massage programs.

Choosing a Basic Warranty

Don’t skimp out on your warranty by choosing a basic, pro-rated warranty, as you’ll be responsible for partial repair costs, which can quickly add up. Instead, look for a good, reliable warranty that includes structural shell coverage for up to ten years, leaks for up to five years, surface for up to five years, and equipment for up to three years. Think of a comprehensive warranty as a solid investment against potentially costly repairs.

Improper Maintenance

This mistake is by far the most common one. Investing in a hot tub, and then failing to follow up with basic care and maintenance, is like buying a car, and not having it serviced. Poor or improper maintenance can cause your hot tub to work harder and therefore draw more power than it should, which ultimately ends up costing you more. Cleaning your hot tubs filters and jets is the most basic maintenance task you can do, to keep your water crystal-clear and bacteria-free.

For help maintaining your hot tub, contact our hot tub service department today.

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So, now you know about the five most common hot tub buying mistakes, you can make a smart, informed purchase that will bring you and your household enjoyment for years to come. For all other hot tub inquiries or to learn more about our hot tubs for sale in Kitchener and Waterloo, contact us today!

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