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As one of the world’s largest volume distributors of hot tubs, Wellness Shop can negotiate high-end features at an affordable investment amount in their private-label WS line. By installing your own Wellness Shop Spa, you can actively manage your overall health and well-being. Wellness Shop Spas incorporate the latest and most cutting-edge innovations in the industry. Proudly built in the USA since 1978, elements of these private-label spas include two 6-horsepower jet pumps for a high-volume massage, Ozone filtration for care-free maintenance, and Thermal Shield insulation built to withstand a harsh Ontario winter year after year. Choose between a lounger and non-lounger variations of the WS-84 family spa or WS-93 party tub. Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy while enjoying reduced maintenance requirements and operating costs. With a Wellness Shop Spa, you can look forward to these advantages for many years.

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Hot Tubs in Kitchener and Waterloo

Adding a hot tub to your home or backyard can improve your lifestyle in many ways. Regular hydrotherapy can help to ease muscle tension, promote whole-body relaxation and even reduce physical pain.

You can even look forward to improved sleep patterns, less stress, and better recovery following an injury. The health benefits truly go on and on!