How to Know When to Replace Your Spa Cover

More than just a fashion accessory, a hot tub cover plays a critical role in conserving your water’s heat and keeping your hydro bills low. When it’s well-maintained, it will keep your spa in tip-top condition for many years, protecting it from dirt and debris. However, they don’t last forever, and there will come a time when you need to replace them. What are the tell-tale signs? Keep reading to learn more!

Heavy Cover

Does it feel like a sumo wrestler has straddled on top of your cover, making it too heavy to lift? When a previously lightweight cover suddenly becomes heavy, it’s time to replace it. This is a sure sign that the foam core has become saturated with water, making the cover less structurally sound.

Puddle Cover

If a puddle forms on your hot tub cover to the point where you must put your Wellington boots on, it’s time to give it the heave-ho! Once a cover begins a gradual puddle, it can be hard to prevent it from getting worse.

Hydro on The Rise

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your hydro bill? Once a hot tub cover becomes dry, the brittle vinyl can crack, exposing the inner core to the elements. Eventually, holes and tears develop that will let in moisture and allow the heat to escape. Once a hot tub cover loses its insulation value, it’s a clear indication to replace it sooner rather than later.

Locks and Straps

Check the condition of your locks and straps on the hot tub cover to ensure they are working properly. If you find that either the locks or straps aren’t in good repair, you should look into getting new ones.

Heat-Seal Shoe

The “heat-seal shoes” seal the gap where the two halves of the hot tub cover come together. When working correctly it prevents heat loss at the hinge. If a shoe is damaged or torn apart from the hinge, consider having it re-stitched. You’ll need to remove the foam cores from the vinyl cover first.  However, if the shoe is very badly damaged, you may need a new cover.


If your hot tub cover’s hinge is torn beyond the heat-seal shoe (approximately two inches from the outside edge) heat can escape. If the tear doesn’t extend past this point it’s possible that the cover can be repaired. The bigger the tear, the more likely you’ll need a new cover.

Foul Odour

Is there an unpleasant odour emanating from the spa?  If so, it probably means you have bacteria forming inside the hot tub cover, and there’s a good chance you’ll need a new one. When it starts to stink, it’s time to go!

Sundance Spas in Kitchener and Waterloo

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