How to Open Your Hot Tub for The Spring

Great news, spring has officially sprung! Have you been neglecting your hot tub all winter long? Well, now is the time to re-open it! Whether you’re a hot tub veteran in need of a little refresher or a new owner taking care of your hot tub for the first time, keep reading!

Here you’ll find seven simple steps to get your spa in tip-top shape for this season.

Remove Winter Cover

Seems obvious, but you’ll need to remove the winter spa cover, tarp, and/or thermal cover before you do anything else. If you have an air pillow, remove that too and deflate it. Clean and store your cover someplace safe, where it will remain dry and protected until your hot tub is clean and can be closed until the next time you use it.

Remove Thermal Cover

Next, remove the thermal cover, and then check the interior for water and dirt. This can be easily achieved by fitting the draining pump and pumping out the water. At this point, you should also remove rubber plugs from the jets.

Clean the Shell and Filter

Starting with the shell of your hot tub, spray an acrylic cleaner on the walls, floor, and seats, wiping it off with a sponge. Never use soap-based cleaners, which can scratch your hot tub and leave behind a film.

Use a submersible pump to remove the dirty water and clean the interior several times until the water runs clean. As a final step, wax the shell with a soft cloth and acrylic wax and clean your filter with a filter cleaning product.

Clean the Thermal Cover

Always use a vinyl or spa cover cleaner and make sure to clean both the underside and the exterior. Once the dirt is removed, put on a coat of protectant.

Check Out Hot Tub Pack

In your hot tub pack, you’ll find a few fittings that have been left unscrewed or open. Make sure these are all re-connected and tightened, provided you don’t see any cracks before you attempt to fill the spa with water. You should also check the top and front of the pump and ensure that the air blower is connected. Finally, shut any valve drains and set slice valves to the open position.

Fill the Tub

When adding new water to your hot tub, place your hose into the filter well so that it runs through the pipes as it fills up to help prevent air locks upon re-start. If leaks or floods become noticeable, especially around the pump and disconnect fillings, turn off the water and fix the leak before you continue. Often, you simply need to tighten the fittings or replace the gaskets to stop the leak.


Do not turn the power back on until the water level is at least above the filter(s). Once the power is on, check the pump, air blower, and light to make sure they’re working correctly. Now that your hot tub is full, it’s time to test and treat your water so that you can enjoy it as soon as it heats up to your desired temperature.

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